HighStreet understands that loss of or damage to a family’s home brings unwanted stress and difficulty. That’s why HighStreet specializes in providing comfortable, safe, high-quality accommodations to service the Insurance Sector.

HighStreet is a serviced accommodation company. We operate hundreds of properties and suites throughout Vancouver and the Lower Mainland, each one equipped and furnished with all the comforts of home.

We work directly with insurance adjusters and insurance companies on a daily basis. HighStreet readily accommodates on insurance claims, and we are committed to delivering all-inclusive packages to insurance companies and insurance adjusters efficiently and effectively for the immediate benefit and comfort of their insured clients.

Insurance claimants are immediately welcomed into suitable residential premises where they can stay for as long as they are displaced from their homes. HighStreet strives to be a “one-stop shop.”

For immediate after-hours assistance with your insurance claim please call:

(604) 313 – 3682

24/7 Service

To request a reservation or more information about our services and accommodation, visit the “Request a reservation” page.

We’ll ask you for your contact information and for some information about the kind of accommodation you require.

You can also speak to our Reservations and Guest Services representatives between 8AM–5PM (Pacific Standard Time, GMT -800), Monday through Friday at

(604) 605 – 0294