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May 06, 2022
Eastside Vancouver | Vancouver Neighbourhood Guide

Vancouver neighbourhood guides

When it’s time to explore the city and get to know Vancouver, the Eastside of Vancouver offers anything and everything you need to feel right at home. If you want to take a look, fall in love with what you find and never want to leave, you’ll want to keep reading.

In just a few short minutes we’ll guide you through the must-visit destinations and areas so that you get a complete picture of a city unlike any other.


The oldest residential neighbourhood in all of Vancouver is a welcoming, friendly and family-orientated part of the city that’s a great place to base yourself. Along the sleepy residential streets you’ll find plenty of local stores and family businesses that are a throwback to times gone by. One of the real highlights has to be the proliferation of boutique galleries that introduce you to the unique culture of the city. They really are the ideal place to relax and get away from the hustle and bustle when you feel like you want to recharge. Well worth a look for those looking to grow closer to the history and social fabric of this unique corner of Vancouver.


This quiet and relaxed district was formerly Vancouver’s Little Italy with a rich and culturally distinct character. While you’re still going to find family pizzerias and Italian leather stores, the area has diversified in recent years. Now you can also expect to find food from all four corners of the world, traditional pubs and bars, and a wide selection of boutique fashion stores. Ideal when you want to feel closer to the character and culture of the city in more ways than one.

For those looking to relax outdoors in the summer months, head on over to John Hendry Park where you’ll find a quaint little sandy beach and accompanying lakeside trail. This is a great way to take a break from the constant motion and noise of the city and get back to nature. And if you want to express yourself in more of a musical way, you’ll always find a drumming circle down at Grandview Park. Join in or sit back and listen, whichever you feel like!


Explore this primarily residential area and you’re sure to come across the eclectic strip of shops and eateries that runs right along Hastings Street. It’s a great little highlight that makes you feel like you have everything right on your doorstep when you want a relaxing way of life where you always have the option of staying local.

If you want to get out and about in the sunshine, take a trip to the splendid Hastings Park for the annual Pacific National Exhibition summer fair. You’ll get to enjoy high-energy rock concerts, amusement rides and even a selection of agricultural shows. Stretch your legs and get away from the epicentre and you’ll also come across the pear and cypress trees that mark out the Italian Gardens. Perfect for getting back in touch with nature without having to leave the excitement of the city. And last but not least, how about a spot of horse racing at the Hastings Racecourse? It’s what life on the Eastside of Vancouver is all about and a great way to meet new people who share your passion for racing.

Riley Park

Explore the home of the Vancouver Olympic & Paralympic Centre and you’ll get a real sense of the sporting character of the city. Not only that, you’ll also find the Nat Bailey Stadium where the Vancouver Canadians baseball team plays throughout the week. All of this comes together to make Riley Park the go-to destination for sports fans and anyone who wants to follow the major sporting fixtures on offer in the city.

You’ll also be able to enjoy plenty of scenic walks, shop for merchandise and gifts, and even take in some of the local fast food specialities. What you choose to do first is up to you, just make sure you check back at least a few times during your stay in the city. There’s always something going on to get excited about!

Kensington-Cedar Cottage

If you want to venture into an ethnically diverse area that offers new culinary experiences to try around every corner, this is the district for you. Due to the large amount of immigration into the area you’ll find that English is much less widely spoken as a first language than many other parts of the city. This all adds to the character and charm of the place and gives you a great alternative to the array of major chains and malls that many cities are dominated by these days.

Chinese is widely spoken and the speakers will be more than happy to introduce you to local cuisine and culture. There’s also the Croatian Cultural Centre as well as the German Ersatz Alpen Club for those looking to learn how European culture has shaped this part of Vancouver. Other highlights include the Philippine Pinoy Fiesta parade that’s held every year, the Latin Summer Fest where everyone comes together, and the longstanding National Aboriginal Day celebrations. Each of these occasions is well-attended by people from all cultures and backgrounds and plays a central part in bringing such a diverse and eclectic part of the city together in its own unique way.


For those looking to get to know this primarily residential area and enjoy city life at a quieter place, you’ll find it has character and charm in all seasons. One of the real highlights has to be Renfrew Ravine Park and its renowned natural creek that catches the sunlight at sunrise and sunset in a way that’s hard to put into words. Make it one of your go-to destinations and you’ll find that you want to visit over and over again.

Walking the streets will connect you with a friendly and quiet local culture punctuated by small stores and family-run businesses. Ideal for those of you who want to escape the more fast-paced corners of the city and experience life at a more family-friendly pace. You’re also close enough to the rest of the city and well connected by public transport when you want to get back into the heart of the action with the minimum of effort. Perfect for those looking for the best of both worlds.


Now you’ve followed HighStreet on a whistlestop tour of Vancouver’s Eastside, it’s over to you to decide which part you want to visit first. One thing is for sure, this is a city that has something for everyone, no matter what you feel like doing or what you’re looking for. Enjoy!

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