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Jun 17, 2020
Essential travel to Canada: Everything you need to know.

Tips for relocating to Vancouver

Essential travel to Canada, last updated on June 16th, 2020.

According to a Reuters exclusive on June 9, 2020, Canada and the United States are set to extend the ban on non-essential travel to late July [source: Exclusive: Canada, U.S. set to extend border closure to end-July ]. Travel to Canada is restricted, but certain travelers are eligible to enter the country. 

Travelers eligible to enter Canada

According to Canada’s global travel restrictions, some foreign nationals, including United States citizens, are eligible for essential travel to Canada. To be eligible, travelers must be:

Travel to Abbotsford, Canada - Accommodation AB002 - HighStreet Accommodations

  • traveling for an essential (non-discretionary) purpose, such as for work or study, and
  • travelers must enter Canada directly from the United States. 

Immediate family members of Canadian citizens and permanent residents may also travel to and enter Canada.

Foreign nationals who wish to enter Canada from other locations may do so if they are exempt from the travel restrictions. Exempt travelers include temporary foreign workers, some international students, permanent residents, immediate family members of temporary residents, military and diplomatic personnel, and certain other travelers. 


Mandatory 14-day quarantine period upon arrival

Travelers entering Canada must undergo a mandatory 14-day quarantine period, and upon arrival at a point of entry, Canadian Border Services Agents will ask travelers if they have a suitable place to isolate or quarantine (self-isolate). A “suitable place” is define as “one where you will have basic necessities, such as food and medication, and where you will not have contact with vulnerable people” [source: Government of Canada – Compliance and enforcement of the Quarantine Act].

Travel to downtown Vancouver, Canada - Accommodation VA302 - HighStreet Accommodations

According to Canada’s global travel advisory, mandatory quarantine means that travelers must go directly to their place of quarantine, without stopping anywhere, and stay there for 14 days: [source: Coronavirus disease (COVID-19): Travel restrictions, exemptions and advice

“You must have a plan to quarantine for 14 days when you arrive in Canada, including

    • a place to stay
    • how you will:
      • get to your destination
      • get your groceries
      • access essential services and medical care

Travel to Langley, Canada - Accommodation LA012 - HighStreet Accommodations

This plan is mandatory, even if you have no symptoms. If you don’t have a plan, you should not travel to Canada. Otherwise, you may not be allowed to enter the country. A border services officer will determine if you can enter the country.” 

[source: Government of Canada – Quarantine requirement]

Travelers must agree that they will go directly to their place of quarantine, without stopping, and then stay there for the entire period. The advisory states that travelers must not go to work, to school, or to other public areas and community settings. This means that travelers must arrange to have essentials like groceries and medications delivered to their place of quarantine.


Fully furnished, serviced accommodation for essential workers

Guided by 18 years of corporate housing industry experience and our clear understanding of our responsibility to safeguard our clients’ and residents’ health and safety (also known as “duty of care”), HighStreet’s fully furnished, equipped, and serviced accommodations provide a perfect solution to the accommodation needs of essential workers.

Travel to downtown Vancouver, Canada - Accommodation VA153 - HighStreet Accommodations

We support your quarantine plan. We’ll provide you with a detailed, easy-to-read welcome letter confirming your exact address and other important information, which you can share with the Canadian Border Services Agent who questions you about your quarantine plan at your chosen point of entry into Canada.

HighStreet is also pleased to offer grocery delivery service in advance of move-in. We’ll ensure the fridge, freezer, and cupboards are fully stocked with all requests and requirements prior to arrival. This means you can go straight to your accommodations and won’t need to stop for anything after you enter Canada – which is one of the questions CBSA may ask you.

Travel to downtown Vancouver, Canada - Accommodation VA181 - HighStreet Accommodations

Every property enjoys a kitchen completely equipped to ensure travelers may be self-sufficient, as required by the mandatory 14 day quarantine period. Every property is walking distance to a grocery store and other essential amenities, many of which offer delivery services. 

Our services include our industry-leading biweekly housekeeping service. In March 2020, we reviewed and overhauled our housekeeping procedures and products to fulfill ourclients’ needs and expectations of a COVID-19 cleaning standard. You can read more about our housekeeping standards and procedures here: housekeeping-mini-qa-coronavirus.


Travel to Surrey, Canada - Accommodation SU032 - HighStreet Accommodations

High-speed internet is standard and included with every property, so our clients can stay connected with family, friends, and work. Properties include dedicated home office spaces, because we understand that working from home is par for the course of this pandemic.

Front Desk/Concierge services available. We’ll ensure you receive packages, mail, and other deliveries promptly, safe and secure.

What you see is what you get. We guarantee our virtual tours and imagery – the property shown in the photographs is the property you will move into. 

Flexible terms and guaranteed extensions. Our terms are simple and flexible: minimum one month stay, 14 days’ notice to vacate required. Extensions are absolutely guaranteed if requested seven days (or more) before end of stay. 30 or 60 days’ net payment terms available to select corporate clients; please inquire with your accommodations agent for more details. 

Traveling to Canada for work? Contact us today. Your peace of mind is our utmost priority. Here you can find more information about High Street.

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