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Mar 24, 2023
Granville Island Public Market – What You Need To Know

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Located on the south shore of False Creek and accessible by foot, bike, car, or ferry, the Granville Island Public Market is a bustling marketplace open for business 365 days a year. Boasting over 60 merchants selling fresh and locally produced items – from handmade clothing to farm-fresh produce – Granville market appeals to residents and visitors alike.

Established in 1979, it originally opened as part of a series of urban revitalization projects to preserve and restore the island’s industrial environment; this was done by introducing stores, small businesses, and entertainment for the local community.

Today, 50 local merchants and vendors offer seasonal fruits and vegetables, freshly caught seafood, homemade pastries, unique art pieces and other artisan products to be enjoyed by visitors from all over the world.  Often called a ‘foodie’s paradise’, days spent at the market exploring stalls of exotic spices or local delicacies are an enjoyable experience for all ages. Additionally, special cultural events such as live music performances and art exhibitions create further added value and make this treasured landmark truly unique – ensuring that visitors never run out of reasons to keep coming back.

Exploring the market

Exploring the Granville Island Public Market is an experience like no other. With a kaleidoscope of colors and aromas, it is easy to get lost in the vibrant environment of market stalls and shops. You can find something for everyone – from organic produce to specialty bakeries, fresh sea food, delis, and even handmade jewelry. Whether you are looking for dinner ingredients or souvenirs, each vendor has its own unique offerings that bring out the interest in shoppers. From delectable desserts to authentic curries and international delicacies. In addition to culinary treats, visitors also enjoy perusing through art galleries and home decor stores for stylish items that suit their taste. No matter what you’re looking for, a visit to the Granville Island Public Market will be sure to excite all your senses.

Tip for getting the most out of your visit

To get the most out of your visit, it is important to plan ahead. One of the best ways to find good deals is by being flexible; try different stalls offering similar products — such as produce — and ask vendors questions about their product. Another way to save money is to arrive early, as many vendors tend to lower prices at closing time. Additionally, there are countless eateries in the area, so make sure you explore all of them for a unique culinary experience. Lastly, if you decide to buy something bulky or heavy remember that there are delivery services which will transport your purchases for a small fee. With some research, planning, and flexibility you’re sure to have an amazing time.

Events at the market

There are many activities available year-round at the market such as cooking classes, cultural events, arts and crafts workshops, live music and theatrical performances, and much more! With so much to do at the Granville Island Public Market each trip is sure to offer something new to discover. Check out the Granville Island website for the latest list of events.

Nearby attractions

Given the central location of Granville Island, there are many other attractions in the surrounding area to experience. After browsing the diverse and delicious offerings at the market, you can take a stroll along the waterfront which is just steps away. Alternatively, tour the nearby False Creek Seawall, where you can observe sailboats and yachts in the marina. If you’re interested in a green space, you can find David Lam Park and George Wainborn Park just across from Granville Island in downtown Vancouver. There is a ferry you can board at the north west end of the island that will take you directly there!

Insider tips on navigating around the market

If you’re looking for an insider experience on Granville Island, there are some tips to keep in mind to help you get the most out of your trip. Start by visiting the market early in the day – this will help you avoid the crowds and give you an opportunity to see what’s in season. As you explore, keep an eye on product offerings in some of the corners and outside the main market areas. There can often be treasures tucked away. Don’t be shy to ask vendors for advice! Many locals have invaluable knowledge about hidden gems that lie within or just outside the market walls. Finally, be sure to check back with some of your favourite vendors on different days of the week. You never know what new treats may have just been added. This is especially true for certain produce stands and fish mongers.

How to get to the Granville Island Public Market

Travelling to the Granville Island Public Market is convenient and accessible. There are multiple transportation options such as public transit, taxis, biking, and walking. It is highly recommended that customers utilize public transit as there are bus stops located nearby. It is also easy to access the market by water taxi if you’re coming from Downtown Vancouver; simply board at one of the docks located along False Creek and make your way over to Granville Island. For those travelling by car, on-site parking is available with a pay station system at each lot. Visitors can also park in private local lots near the market for additional parking options.


Granville Island Public Market is a great destination for anyone looking to explore the local culture, buy fresh produce, and enjoy a unique culinary experience. With its central location and multiple transportation options available, getting there is easy and convenient. The market also has many activities going on year-round such as live performances and cultural events that are worth checking out. To make sure you get the most of your visit be sure to arrive early in the day, ask vendors questions about their product offerings, take advantage of delivery services if needed, explore all nearby eateries for an amazing experience, and check back with favorite vendors throughout the week for new treats. You’ll surely have an unforgettable time exploring Granville Island Public Market!

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