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May 13, 2020
Housekeeping mini Q&A: coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic edition


Q:             Will you be providing biweekly housekeeping services during my stay?

A:             In response to government health advisories, we have discontinued our biweekly housekeeping services until further notice.

Q:             Are housekeeping services available during my stay for an additional fee?

A:             While residents occupy a property, we will not provide housekeeping services to help ensure the health and safety of both our residents and our employees.

Q:            How will coronavirus safety practices affect service delivery?

A:            Our employees are trained to carefully evaluate each service delivery request for potential disease transmission and related safety issues on a case-by-case basis. If we observe signs of illness, we will decline to enter a property and make alternative delivery arrangements.

Q:            What products will be used to clean and disinfect suites that were previously occupied?

A:            We use professional-grade cleaning products that meet the requirements of the British Columbia Centre for Disease Control (BCCDC) to neutralize/eliminate both viral and bacterial life forms.

Q:            What does your cleaning procedure look like?

A:            Our professional Housekeepers are trained to follow a detailed, logical task order that ensures every item and surface receives due care and attention during a reset Housekeeping service. Our Housekeepers are experienced, highly trained experts who understand their role in safeguarding the health of our residents during this pandemic.

Q:            How will you collect and sanitize linens and towels?

A:            We seal all linens retrieved from our properties in special bags in order to contain any potential bacteria or viruses until they can be properly washed and sanitized at our commercial linen distribution centre. All linens (sheets, towels, duvets, etc.) as well as the special bags are professionally laundered with commercial laundry products that offer BCCDC-approved cleaning and sanitizing results. Linens are then thoroughly dried through a high-heat system with commercial-grade dryers, which provide a second process of sanitization after washing.

Q:            How do you disinfect/sanitize other household items, like kitchenware and utensils?

A:            All housewares are thoroughly sanitized with material-appropriate professional-grade cleaning products.

Q:            Do your employees have adequate personal protective equipment (PPE)?

A:            Yes, all employees responsible for service delivery (i.e. Housekeeping, Maintenance, and Resident Services) have and use appropriate PPE in fulfilling service requests. Upon entering a property, an employee will wash his or her hands for at least 30 seconds with hot water and high-lathering liquid hand soap. The employee will then wear nitrile or rubber gloves as needed. New gloves are used as needed (rather than wearing one pair of gloves continuously, which has been shown to spread more germs!). At the beginning and end of each work day, employees wipe down their vehicles with disinfectant and sterilizing cleaning products.

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