The benefits to the Owner-Vendor include:

  • Closely managed operation of the property with careful attention to maintenance and care
  • Professional liason with strata management & councils
  • Strict compliance with strata regulations and by-laws
  • Full care and control of occupancy
  • Risk-free credit and collections
  • No surprises accurate monthly reporting of occupancy, revenue and expenses
  • Quality assurance reporting for best rental performance

Above all, HighStreet’s comprehensive Owner-Vendor program is an excellent choice for property owners and investors who understand that not all furnished housing is created equal.

HighStreet is a corporate housing company.  We operate on a revenue-sharing basis with real estate investors, whom we call “Owner-Vendors.” This term identifies the supplier role of owners and investors who supply residential properties for inclusion in HighStreet’s inventory of furnished and serviced housing product.

While a property generates revenue, HighStreet delivers guest services, housekeeping, and maintenance requirements, accounts for and reports on all activity in the property, and pays out monthly revenues.

Under our exclusive tenancy agreement with the real estate owner, HighStreet operates carefully selected privately owned and furnished properties as residential accommodation for the relocation and insurance industries.