Repeat & Referral Marketing Relationships

Our goal is to keep good residents over the long term. We are proud that we can say, “Our clients call us first!”

The HighStreet brand is recognized internationally in the corporate housing industry  throughout our global partner network.  We nurture these valuable business-to-business relationships through our participation in regional, national and international industry events.

Our sales team is highly specialized. Each member is focused on a different market segment and understands the specific needs and wants of that segment.  They are fully supported by the Operations, Customer Service and Administrative staff who work in concert to ensure that every stay meets and exceeds the client’s expectations.

And because we understand those expectations and needs, we know what kind of properties will work best in our system and we are able to help investors choose for best corporate housing results.

Optimized Occupancy Management

The average length of stay for a corporate housing client is several months.

HighStreet is capable of generating higher annual revenues for a property because of the strong value-add we bring to the furnished housing product. We operate on a revenue-sharing basis, which means HighStreet has much more at stake than a traditional property management company or listing agent.

HighStreet’s service delivery is built into our business model, so we can go the extra mile for our clients and guests. For our Owner-Vendors, that extra mile means we take great care of the properties in our inventory, as well as great care of the Clients and Guests who we are privileged to serve.

Operations department

HighStreet’s Operations department works to ensure that the needs, requests, and requirements of Owner-Vendors, residents, and clients are consistently met and surpassed. We employ full-time team members who are trained and dedicated to coordinating and delivering all kinds of services, including housekeeping, work orders and maintenance requests, and emergency services.

Our professional housekeeping teams take care of each home in our exclusive inventory. We maintain a high degree of care and control over our inventory through regularly scheduled housekeeping services, which includes a condition report process.

Every guest receives mandatory regular bi-weekly housekeeping service, including fresh towels and linens. When a guest checks out, we immediately perform a “reset” service, which includes a top-to-bottom cleaning, an inventory review, and attention to any obvious maintenance or cleaning details (for example, carpet cleaning, a running toilet, a leaky faucet, & etc.).

Annual rentability reporting

Our Operations department can also provide a property-specific Rentability Report.

Each Owner-Vendor knows exactly what is going on with his or her suite

  • Monthly records of in-unit repair & maintenance activity
  • Life-cycle of furnishings, fixtures and equipment is tracked
  • Consultation and recommendations to attract excellent residents
  • Projecting and planning for anticipated renovations, updates and natural attrition

Standard linen & housewares program

HighStreet has developed a standard linen and housewares program to ensure that every suite in our inventory is equipped with the same high-quality items and bedding.

As part of the set-up process, each Owner-Vendor invests in an amount of bed linens and towels based on the number of bedrooms and bathrooms in the property.  These linens are placed in our linen pool.  We use high quality hospitality white product throughout our inventory, and our supplier relationships allow us to purchase in volume.

We have an in-house laundry facility and storage facility for most housewares. Our standard program and storage facility mean that in the event a Guest requires an additional delivery of product, or needs a lost or broken item replaced, we will have an appropriate replacement on hand.

  • Linen pooling system optimizes efficiencies and supports professional appearance of units
  • Housewares warehousing provides economies of scale in keeping units “topped up” and fully equipped
  • Professional cleaning equipment maximizes life cycles of equipment and reduces replacement costs

Design & project management services


From minor cosmetic updates to full-scale renovations, HighStreet’s design & project management services can do wonders for interior spaces!

  • Professional interior design consultation & implementation;
  • Contractor services for kitchens, bathrooms, flooring, wall coverings, interior finishings, and more;
  • HighStreet can manage all aspects of the project, from planning, cost quotations, project implementation, and completion.


Even a relatively simple project, such as replacing standard condo carpeting with engineered flooring, can make a powerful difference in terms of rentability and investment ROI.

Sales & reservations team


With more than three decades of hospitality industry and client services experience among them, HighStreet’s full-time sales and reservations team has the expertise, skills, and dedication to provide the best furnished housing product and experience possible.

HighStreet’s corporate offices


HighStreet’s offices are complete with a fully networked information management system, custom professional reservations management and reporting software system, Internet access, and 24-hour emergency telephone answering service. These features ensure that HighStreet provides prompt, efficient, personalized service to our clients, guests, Owner-Vendors, partners, and suppliers.