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May 24, 2022
Welcome to Vancouver: Exploring The Sights Of Central & South Burnaby

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There’s more to South Burnaby than the North and we’re going to prove it with a quick guided tour of everything the Central and South of Burnaby have to offer. Along the way we’ll introduce you to a whole host of charming neighbourhoods, stunning country parks and a seemingly endless variety of natural sights and scenes. Perfect when you want to be able to get away from the hustle and bustle while still being close enough to hop on some public transport and get into the heart of the city. 


Central and South Burnaby: BCIT

The stunning leafy campus is set near Stanley Park in one of the most iconic corners of the city. You’ll find an open and friendly atmosphere here whenever you visit, which makes it the ideal place to live nearby if you want to learn or study just about anything. 

A big part of the ethos at BCIT is to drive change in the world without over-running it, and nowhere is that shown better than in the nature of the campus itself. The greenery has been kept and reshaped so that the buildings nestle into the surrounding environment. This gives the place a charming character that’s hard to do justice with words alone. Pay a visit in person and you’ll know exactly what we mean from the moment you arrive. Ideal for those of you looking to enjoy your studies in a setting that allows you to do your best work. 


Central and South Burnaby: Deer Lake Park

A beautiful mix of scenic picnic areas and lakeside trails can be found winding their way around the shoreline of Deer Lake. This stunning natural part of the landscape is a joy to behold regardless of the weather and is a beautiful place to sit and relax in the summer months. Take a break from work, or an evening stroll, and you’ll be sure to see your new friends and neighbours doing exactly the same. Whether you prefer to go alone, or as part of a lively group, you’ll find a new route every single time you stop by. Perfect when you want to balance the energy and movement of urban living with a little corner of nature that allows you to reconnect wth your roots. 

For those of you looking to fuse a little culture and artistic creativity with your trip back into nature, why not pay a quick visit to the Burnaby Art Gallery as part of your walk? You’ll find a delightful mix of pieces and collections from a variety of different eras, each inviting you to take a closer look as they consider a range of subject matters in myriad different ways. From there you can step out and enjoy any number of the boutique coffee houses and cafes that pop up in the surrounding neighbourhood. 


Central and South Burnaby: Burnaby Hospital

Not only is this one of the most highly respected medical institutions in the nation, it’s also the hub of a sense of community you often struggle to find these days. The hospital has a reputation for putting the needs of the community first and nowhere is that more evident than in the nature of the surrounding neighbourhoods. They’re well-kept, quiet and peaceful at all times, allowing you to rest and relax without a care in the world. Add in the fast access to a wide range of amenities you can enjoy and you have the recipe for a peaceful place to base yourself. A great choice for retired couples, young families, or those just looking to live life at their own pace. 


Central and South Burnaby: Burnaby Lake

Getting back to nature and enjoying a well-earned break is exactly what a trip to the lake is all about, and with good reason. In the summer you’ll find families relaxing on the shore and canoes and kayaks paddling across the water. While swimming is banned, you can always sit at the water’s edge and spot the hundreds of different types of wildlife who will pop up and introduce themselves. Add the gentle breeze that comes off the water and the range of nearby eateries and cafes and you have the recipe for your own little personal oasis. Exactly what you want to hear when it’s time to live life at your own pace as you get away from the high-energy city way of life you know and love and reconnect with nature for the first time in years. 


Central and South Burnaby: Metrotown

This regional town centre offers the perfect balance of calm suburban living options with quick connections to more built-up areas. Because Metrotown is a key central business district, it has ample employment opportunities — particularly for those looking for corporate positions and professional careers. Life here moves a little faster than in other parts of Burnaby, making it a great choice for young couples and aspiring professionals looking for somewhere to base themselves. 

You’ll also find that there is always something to do in the evenings and on the weekends; most of the time it’ll be right there on your doorstep! New restaurants, bars and boutique stores open all the time in Metrotown, giving you a constant supply of new things to try and exciting places to go and explore. And if you find yourself wanting a more quiet evening, you’ll be able to get to places like Burnaby Lake with the minimum of effort. Perfect when it’s time to live your life your way, all while going with the flow of one of the more eclectic parts of the city. 


Central and South Burnaby: Edmonds

Last on our list is the charming area of Edmonds — one of the most underrated and often overlooked parts of Burnaby. Edmonds has a reputation as somewhere that’s quiet and sleepy, but it’s also been shaped by a rich cultural history. Take a visit there in person and you’ll see what we mean as soon as you arrive. There’s a charming blend of traditional architecture and contemporary design that makes you feel at home the minute you put your key in the door. 

If you’re someone who likes to explore far and wide, you’ll be delighted to know that there’s no shortage of public transport links readily available. Services are punctual and regular, allowing you to go off and explore all four corners of the city without worrying about struggling to get home. This makes Edmonds a great base in the city when you want the best of everything, all wrapped up in a safe and quiet neighbourhood that always has you feeling at ease. 


Final thoughts

Now you know what we have to say, it’s over to you to go out there and decide where you want to stay. Take a look at your options, take your time and find something that gives you the best of everything. One thing is for sure; with us by your side, you won’t struggle to find it

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