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Apr 23, 2022
Vancouver’s Westside | Vancouver Neighbourhood Guide

Vancouver neighbourhood guides

The Vancouver Westside is perhaps our favourite portion of the city, and for good reason, according to HighStreet. You’ll find a huge variety of different living options, architectures, stores, eateries and so much more. You’ll also find a whole host of cultural events that invite you to have fun and get to know the locals in your own way. Ideal when you want to get to know what makes the city tick and have fun at the same time. With all this in mind, let’s dive right in…


Vancouver’s Westside Areas


Kitsilano is a trendy area that offers a variety of shops, bars, restaurants and even clubs that cater to all moods and tastes. If you want to dance the night away then be our guest, and if you prefer to sit back and relax, you can do that too. Just make sure you go out at a few different times so you get a real sense of what the area has to offer. Once you do, you’ll find the perfect scene for you and your friends to enjoy night after night.

One of the biggest draws are Kitsilano’s beaches (Jericho is a highlight) that are perfect for quiet walks in the winter and a refreshing drip in the summer. The massive saltwater Kitsilano Pool and mountain views are the highlights if you’re looking to get back in touch with nature. You can enjoy them all year long and they offer a wide variety of different sights and experiences throughout the day. You’ll also find that local eateries and food stalls are never more than a minute or two away. Ideal when you want to enjoy a taste of Vancouver living while taking in some of the city’s most stunning scenery.


Point Grey

Walk through this highly affluent residential area and you’re sure to feel relaxed and at home before you know it. Point Grey is known for the Spanish Banks beach park, which offers stunning mountain views that you simply cannot afford to miss. They’re also the ideal destination for a quick dip in the summer or a spot of watersports out on the ocean.

Come back onto dry land and you’ll find an eclectic mix of upmarket bistros, contemporary sushi restaurants and luxury clothing boutiques. If this sounds like what you’re looking for then West 10th Avenue is the place to go when you want to take a closer look. In just a few minutes of walking you’ll find a dozen restaurants and stores you will want to spend the rest of your afternoon in. And once you’re done, head down to the Seawall and stretch your legs by wandering over to neighbouring Downtown. The perfect end to the perfect day.


University Endowment Lands

This stunning green area is tied to the neighbouring campus and is home to the iconic Pacific Spirit Regional Park. Inside you’ll find hundreds of paths, ocean views and stunning scenery as far as the eye can see. While you’re not going to find your dream home in this corner of the city, you are certainly going to fall in love with the relaxed vibe it brings to the table. Looking for accommodation nearby is a great way to make sure you still feel connected with nature when you’re living in one of the most vibrant cities in Canada.



Dunbar is known right across Vancouver as a charming little village that is perfect for young families and those looking to retire and enjoy some residential peace in their golden years. The charm of the place comes from the undeniable sense of community that the local people have created, all revolving around corner stores and family businesses. The architecture is homely and welcoming with a new mix of traditional and contemporary styles, while the infrastructure and amenities are among some of the very best in the entire city. Ideal when you want the peace of mind that comes from feeling like part of a real caring community where everyone knows their neighbour and help is only ever next door when you need it.


Arbutus Ridge

Just around the corner is another affluent residential neighbourhood that’s sure to extend a warm welcome to anyone visiting for the day or making a home for themselves. You’ll find local sandwich stores, small businesses and easy access to schooling and healthcare. All of this comes together to make life in Arbutus Ridge homely and relaxing. You can also get a real sense of the community by visiting the local bars and cafes the regulars love to frequent. Just a thought for those of you looking to get out and about so you can meet new people!



Here you’ll find a delightful mix of new houses and old bungalows, plus plenty of mid-rise condo apartment buildings over in the northern section. This gives the area a unique charm and character that invites you to make yourself at home from the moment you arrive. With a nice mix of aspiring professionals, growing families and older residents, Kerrisdale has evolved naturally so it offers something for everyone. The result is a charming, quiet and quaint community within a city that’s always ready to welcome new arrivals.



Southlands is the epitome of a cosmopolitan urban country neighbourhood that combines modern living with a wide range of greenery. This allows you to live life at your own pace, safe in the knowledge that you can get the bulk of what you need by shopping locally. Food stores, book stores and clothing boutiques are just a few of the options the area has to offer, with each one offering you the warm welcome you’d expect in a cosy residential area. Ideal when you want to feel right at home and truly relaxed from the moment you arrive. Whether you’re making a home for yourself, or just passing through, you’ll find something that’s sure to make you fall in love with Southlands.



Last but not least on our quick introductory tour we have one of the most sought after residential neighbourhoods in this part of Vancouver. Shaughnessy has undergone a high level of investment in its provisions, amenities and healthcare facilities in recent years, resulting in a great place to raise a family or base yourself when starting a career in the city. You’ll have easy access to other faster paced areas of the city, as well as a wide range of affordable transport options when you want to commute into the central areas.



Westside Vancouver’s nightlife is among the best in Canada, and maybe even among the best on the planet! People definitely enjoy a night out here, but there is much more to nightlife in Westside Vancouver than late nights.

There are a variety of bars, nightclubs, and pubs to suit all tastes. You can find everything from local pubs to upmarket cocktail joints. If you’re looking for a place to socialize, you will not be disappointed. 

If you’re a cocktail lover, Grapes and Soda is a great little bar located on West 6th Avenue. It’s a cosy bar that offers an impressive cocktail list and homemade tapas dishes that are perfect for sharing. 

If you’re more of a beer drinker, Bimini’s Beer Hall and Darby’s Public House both offer a wide range of craft beers and snacks in a chilled out environment. Perfect for relaxing. 

The social scene on Vancouver’s Westside is also very diverse. You’re sure to meet interesting people from all walks of life. The area is LGBTQ friendly and there are lots of bars and techno clubs playing a mixture of trance and house music. If you’re looking to dance during your night out, head to Westside Vancouver. You won’t be disappointed.


Culture on Vancouver’s Westside

The Cineplex Cinemas Marine Gateway and IMAX is a great option for movie lovers. With 16 screens, including an IMAX theater, this cinema has something for everyone.

The Vancouver Playhouse is a renowned theater that has been entertaining audiences for over 50 years. Originally constructed in 1962, the auditorium has perfect acoustics that are perfect for dance, concerts, chamber music and spoken live performances. Check out their website for their full listings of upcoming bookings, tickets can be booked and paid for online via their website.

Another venue ideal for live entertainment is the Queen Elizabeth Theatre. This is another great location for those who enjoy a variety of live music concerts as well as ballet and opera throughout the year. The venue was named after the late Queen Elizabeth II who attended a concert there in July of 1959.

If you’re looking for some culture and entertainment on Vancouver’s Westside, be sure to check out one of these great venues! 


Sport and Outdoor Activities in Vancouver’s Westside

There are many sports and outdoor activities to discover near Vancouver’s Westside. You can enjoy hiking or biking trails at Stanley Park, or head over to North Vancouver to visit the Capilano Suspension Bridge or Grouse Mountain. For a more adrenaline-pumping experience, try whitewater rafting down the Capilano River or zip lining through the treetops. Nature is at your doorstep.

If you’re looking to stay active while enjoying the great outdoors, Vancouver’s Westside is an ideal location. There is quick and easy access to North Vancouver for many outdoor activities. Hiking, biking, zip lining, whitewater rafting – there’s something for everyone. If you need to purchase any sporting equipment for your activities, specialist shops such as West Coast Sports and Westside Ski Bike Board have a full range of products available.


Education in Vancouver’s Westside

The Westside of Vancouver is home to some of the best schools and universities in the city. Schools in this area include West Point Grey Academy, Lord Byng Secondary School, and Prince of Wales Secondary School.

Two of the city’s most famous universities are also located on the Westside of Vancouver. The University of British Columbia and Simon Fraser University. These schools offer a variety of programs and services that make them a great choice for students looking to further their education. West Point Grey Academy is an independent school that offers a rigorous academic program. Lord Byng Secondary School is a public school that provides an excellent education. Another option is The Prince of Wales Secondary School, which is a private school that offers a great education with many famous alumni including the actor Ryan Reynolds and Canada’s first female Prime Minister, Kim Campbell. 

The University of British Columbia is a world-renowned university that offers a variety of programs and services. It is ranked in the top 3 of Canada’s universities and is the oldest university in British Columbia, having been founded in 1908.

Whether you are looking to enrol in an educational program for yourself, a partner, or your children, there is a great selection of schools and universities on the Westside of Vancouver to join. 


Final thoughts

Now that you’ve heard our thoughts about Downtown, it’s over to you to give some thought to where you want to stay, as well as what you want to see and do. Take your time, enjoy the journey and make the most of every minute. If you do that, you’re sure to enjoy everything Vancouver has to offer.

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