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Apr 02, 2020
Covid-19 Health & Safety


The health, welfare, and safety of our residents and team members are paramount to all of us at HighStreet.



HighStreet is accredited with the International Serviced Accommodation Accreditation Process (ISAAP), which means that we have satisfied ISAAP’s more than 250 rigorous quality considerations in addition to meeting all prescribed regulations and best practice standards of safety, security, and duty of care.



Covid-19, Questions & Answers

This document answers questions about our industry-leading practices that allow us to guarantee the quality and care that our clients and residents have come to expect from us over the years. We will update this document on an as-needed basis, as the Province of British Columbia provides updates that affect us.



 Will you be providing bi-weekly Housekeeping services during my stay?

In response to government health advisories, we have discontinued our bi-weekly Housekeeping services until further notice.

Are Housekeeping services available for an additional fee?

While residents occupy a property, we will not provide Housekeeping services to help ensure the safety of both of our employees and all residents.


How will COVID-19 safety practices affect service delivery?

We have trained our employees to carefully evaluate each service delivery request for potential disease transmission and related safety issues. If we observe signs of illness, we will decline to enter a property and make alternative delivery arrangements on a case-by-case basis.

What cleaning products will be used to disinfect suites previously occupied?

HighStreet’s professional-grade cleaning products meet requirements of the British Columbia Centre for Disease Control (BCCDC) to neutralize/eliminate both viral and bacterial lifeforms.



How will HighStreet collect and sanitize linens and towels?

We seal all linens retrieved from our suite in special bags in order to contain any potential bacteria and viruses until they have been properly sanitized at our commercial linen distribution center.

All linens (sheets, towels, duvets, blankets, etc.) as well as the special bags are professionally laundered with commercial laundry products that offer excellent cleaning and sanitizing results.

Linens are then thoroughly dried through a high-heat system with commercial-grade dryers, which provide a second process of sanitization after washing.

How will HighStreet disinfect other household items, kitchenware, and utensils?

All kitchen-wares are thoroughly sanitized with material-appropriate professional-grade cleaning products.

Our Housekeepers are trained to follow a detailed, logical task order that ensures every item and surface receives due care and attention during a reset Housekeeping service.

All baby furniture and roll-a-way beds are staged separately and thoroughly sanitized with material-appropriate professional-grade cleaning products before being returned to storage.



What is being done at HighStreet’s distribution center to prevent the spread of CoVID-19?

All employees wear nitrile or rubber gloves during their day-to-day operations, and we rigorously observe the recommendation to wash our hands at least once per hour with high-lathering liquid hand soap and hot water for at least 30 seconds.

We do not reuse any packing materials under strict concerns for hygiene and health.

As an additional preventative measure, we have increased the cleaning frequency of our high-touch areas in HighStreet’s distribution center.

At the beginning and end of each workday, employees wipe down their vehicles with disinfectant and sterilizing cleaning products as an extra means of sanitization.

In addition to the above best practices:

If an employee is not feeling well, or an immediate family member, we instruct that employee to stay home.

We ensure that employees have access to financial support so that no one feels undue financial pressure to hide their symptoms and continue working.

Our focus is to ensure that we’re doing our part to keep residents, team members, and our community safe. We are all responsible for flattening the curve. Our paramount goal is the health and safety of clients, our people, and our families.

We take guidance from the Provincial and Federal Governments and Health Authorities in following new regulations for physical distancing and slowing the spread of the virus.


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