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Aug 19, 2022
Taking a walk around Mission – Greater Vancouver

Vancouver neighbourhood guides

We know that when you want to really get to know Vancouver, there’s a lot more on your shortlist than just moving around the major hotspots in the center of the city. While there’s plenty there not to be missed, there’s a whole other world out there to explore when you want to journey a little further. 

Like any major city, Vancouver definitely doesn’t exist in isolation. There’s hundreds of smaller commuter towns around the outskirts where people choose to base themselves. 

We’re going to talk you through the sights and attractions of the main areas in Mission —  a wonderful city about a one hour drive outside Vancouver.

West Heights in Mission

Head along the West Coast Express rail line with all the commuters heading into Vancouver and you’ll come to this delightful little corner of the country. The beauty of West Heights is the way it makes you feel at home with its small town feel as soon as you arrive. If you want to make the most of your time there, ask a few of the people on the train about the best places to check out while you’re there. 

We don’t want to cloud your judgment by nudging you in a particular direction, so we’re not going to list the best places. Instead, why not take your time, stumble across the independent stores and family run businesses, and then make up your own mind? If you do that, you’re sure to fall in love with everything West Heights has to offer before you know it. 

You’re also really close to some stunning natural scenery that’s sure to pull you to go and take a closer look. Getting away from it all is what life in this part of the area is all about, so take your time and take a few scenic routes. One thing is for sure, you won’t regret a long afternoon of wandering spent in West Heights! 

Hatzic in Mission

One of Mission’s oldest neighborhoods is home to a whole host of suburban streets that are sure to make you feel welcome as you set foot on the ground. You’ll find a nice mix of chains and smaller independent stores, as well as elementary and secondary schools for those with young kids. Perfect when you want to give yourself options that will help you make up your mind when it comes to where you want to base yourself. 

Nearby you’ll also find Hatzic Lake — a stunning oxbow lake situated north of the Fraser River. This natural scene is one not to be missed because of the way it offers some relaxing rest to the hectic nature of modern living. Sit by the shores, walk the trails nearby, or just lay back and enjoy the sunshine in the summer months. The choice is yours when you head on over to Hatzic for a little adventure! 

We hope you’ve enjoyed our thoughts on this delightful little corner of Vancouver and that we’ve given you plenty of food for thought. Now that we’ve reached the end, we’ll leave you with a quick reminder that when you want to find the perfect monthly accommodation in your dream location, we’re only a call or click away!

HighStreet in Mission

Now you’ve heard everything about Mission, you can decide which area you would like to visit and eventually live in.

At HighStreet, we are specialized in providing the best furnished apartments in Vancouver and Greater Vancouver. If you are looking to move into a family friendly area in nature, Mission could be the perfect choice for you. As mentioned above, being just one hour away from Vancouver, Mission is a lovely option for those looking for a small town vibe but within striking distance to a larger city.

If Mission is on your shortlist of places to stay, maybe it’s time to reach out to our local Accommodation Specialists. We’ll help you decide on a great accommodation option in Mission or nearby.

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