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May 26, 2022
Welcome to Vancouver: Exploring The Sights Of North Burnaby

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Getting to know your local area is all about getting out there and taking a look at everything it has to offer. The problem is knowing where to start, but luckily that’s where we come in! By guiding you through the sights and sounds of everything North Burnaby has to offer, we’re ready to help you find the perfect places to base yourself and have fun. Ideal when you want to get to know one of the most stunning little corners of Vancouver with nothing but a quick read. Enjoy! 

Where is North Burnaby?

North Burnaby is located in the north-central area of the Burrard Peninsula, just north of the city of Vancouver. It is situated on the banks of the Burrard Inlet, across from the District of North Vancouver. North Burnaby is bordered by Port Moody and Coquitlam to the east, New Westminster and Surrey across the Fraser River to the southeast, and Richmond on Lulu Island to the southwest.

North Burnaby to Vancouver

To get from North Burnaby to Vancouver by car, the fastest way is to take the Trans-Canada Highway (Highway 1) to the 1st Avenue or Hastings Street exit. If traffic isn’t too bad you’ll arrive fairly quickly. Maybe within 20-30 minutes. Another great option is public transportation. You can take the SkyTrain (Millennium or Expo Lines) from North Burnaby to any number of stops in Vancouver or downtown Vancouver.

Schools in North Burnaby

North Burnaby is home to a few schools, including schools for kindergarten, elementary, and secondary education. Some of the schools in North Burnaby are:

  • Robert Burnaby Secondary School
  • Gilmore Elementary School
  • Montecito Elementary School
  • Brentwood Elementary School

Each of these schools has its own strengths that students and parents should take into account when making a decision about where to attend school. For example, Robert Burnaby Secondary School is a large school with a diverse student population. It has strong specialized programs in arts and athletics, as well as many clubs and activities that students can get involved in. However, the school can be overwhelming for some students. When deciding which school is the right choice, parents should consider what’s important to them and their child.

North Burnaby Real Estate

Real estate in north Burnaby is some of the most expensive in the Lower Mainland. Although it is considerably less expensive than some parts of Vancouver, a detached home in north Burnaby will still cost well over a million dollars, while a condo can cost a million or several hundred thousand.

The reason for this is that north Burnaby is one of the first choice areas to live outside of Vancouver. It’s close to downtown, has great schools, and has plenty of green space. It’s well connected to other areas of the Lower Mainland making it a very desirable location.

Here you can find more information about accommodations available in the area.


North Burnaby Neighbourhoods

Burnaby Heights

Burnaby Heights is a calm and cosy residential neighbourhood in North Burnaby set between Boundary Road, Gamma Avenue, and the iconic Hastings Street. For those looking to enjoy a relaxing look at nature, the North Shore Mountains are there in the distance, offering a stunning backdrop in all seasons. Perfect when you want to get away from it all and enjoy a relaxing location unlike any other. 

As with much of North Burnaby, you’ll find a homely mix of low-lying residential properties mixed with the occasional apartment block. This gives the place a homely charm that’s hard to find these days, all mixed in with the quiet way of life and welcoming atmosphere you’d expect from Vancouver. Put this all together and you’re left wondering why you didn’t add ‘The Heights’ to your destination shortlist sooner. But that’s not all North Burnaby has to offer…


Capitol Hill

Capitol Hill is a leafy, hilltop neighbourhood set near Hastings Street and the renowned Simon Fraser University. These stunning surroundings give Capitol Hill a relaxed and peaceful vibe that lasts all year, regardless of the influx of students, tourists or changes in the weather. Perfect when you want to be able to base yourself in just the right spot to enjoy everything else Vancouver has to offer. 

Hidden away on this raised corner of the city you’ll find the occasional artisan coffee shop or bookstore that’s popular with the students and literature lovers in the area. Not only are they part of the tapestry of the neighbourhood, they’re also a great place to rest and relax as you walk the streets and take in the views. Ideal when you want to get away from it all in style while taking life at your own place. And when it’s time to work or get things done, you’ll find quick and easy access to public transport is only ever a minute or two away. From there, all you have to do is decide where you want to explore next and everything else about your day will start to fall right into place. 


Willingdon Heights

Willingdon Heights takes its name from nearby Willingdon Avenue, which connects North Burnaby, Kingsway and Metrotown. You’ll find the neighbourhood to be largely residential, offering peace and quiet on every corner throughout the year. This makes it the ideal place to stay for young families who want to be able to enjoy easy access to work and schools in the day, but plenty of quiet time around bedtime in the evening. 

The area is known as one of the safest in the whole of Vancouver and a place where you are sure to know your neighbours, no matter how long you’re there for. This all comes together to create a relaxed, homely environment that you’ll never want to leave. Add in the scattering of family run businesses you’ll find dotted around and you really do have the recipe for a homely part of the area you’ll never want to leave. 



Take a day trip into Brentwood and you’ll be greeted by a charming mix of high-rise and low-rise rental buildings. This gives the neighbourhood options to suit every taste and style, as well as for those looking to upsize or downsize. If you need to be readily connected to the rest of the city for work, there’s two nearby train stations that will take care of everything, as will the bus loop that leaves regularly from Brentwood Town Centre station.

For those looking to head out the door and have fun, Brentwood Mall is open long into the evening and right across the weekend. Inside you’ll find everything from branded labels and the latest tech, to warm and welcoming food courts and cold drinks. Perfect when you want to get away from it all and have some fun without having to travel into the heart of the city. Put all these components together and you start to see why Brentwood is one of the most sought after locations for people of all ages; not just in North Burnaby, but right across the whole of Vancouver. All that’s left is to take a look at your accommodation options there so you find your perfect fit with the minimum of effort. 



Westridge is tucked away on the slopes of Burnaby Mountain and formed around the beautiful Inlet Drive. The punctual West Coast Express runs from Downtown Vancouver and Port Moody, giving you quick and easy access to some of the area’s finest sights and scenes. This is ideal for those looking to nestle in a quiet and calm neighbourhood without having to forego the excitement that lies in some of the more built-up areas. 

Nearby you’ll also find the prestigious Simon Fraser University and the Burnaby Mountain Parkway — both great amenities to have on your doorstep when you want to enjoy life in Vancouver. In the evenings you can head out the calmness and peace of mind that comes from basing yourself in one of the safest parts of the city, all while you take in the sights of a calm neighbourhood that’s always ready to welcome new arrivals. 


Burnaby Mountain

Last but by no means least we have probably our favourite entry on this list, and one that’s sure to make you feel at home as soon as you arrive. Burnaby Mountain is a low-profile ridge that’s forested and inviting in equal measure. As the clean streets and well-kept homes wind their way through the trees, you’ll be left with the impression that this is residential living as it was always meant to be. Ideal when you want to find a little corner of the city that allows you to do things at your pace as you watch the world go by from a stunning vantage point. 


Final thoughts

Now that you’ve heard our thoughts on all things North Burnaby, why not take a look at your accommodation options? It’ll give you an even better idea of how you can plan your stay and what you’ll find nearby. From there, all you have to do is whittle down your shortlist and come back to us when you’ve made your final choice. Enjoying life in North Burnaby really is that simple.

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