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Jun 13, 2022
Welcome to North Vancouver: best places to visit and stay

Vancouver neighbourhood guides

For those looking to stretch their legs and get to know the northern corner of the city, you’ve certainly come to the right place. Get a coffee, get comfortable, and spend the next five minutes or so working through all of our recommendations of places to stay and places to visit. 


North Vancouver: Lower Lonsdale

This a great little area for those of you looking for a little bit of everything. At the heart of the action is the timeless Lonsdale quay and market that’s always bustling with wonderful things to see and do. From lively street performers to local produce and artisan stores, you’ll find a whole host of things to tempt you in. If you want to keep it simple and go to some of the larger chains for your favorites, you can do that too. Ideal when you want to visit somewhere or base yourself in a place that has a little something for everyone. 

There’s also a handy walk-on ferry that will get you into downtown Vancouver in no time at all if you want to have options on your doorstep. Perfect for anyone looking to get out and about, meet the locals and explore the sights all from a single lively location. 


North Vancouver: Central Lonsdale

Another wonderful area for those looking for a space right in the middle of it all. You can feel the city truly coming alive in Central Lonsdale. Everything is built up and highly populated, giving you a window into what central city living is all about. If you’re a young professional or couple looking to enjoy the nightlife and shopping, this would be a great spot for you. It’s also ideal if you want easy access to the rest of North Vancouver because the transport links are the best maintained and most frequent in the city of North Vancouver. 

You’ll also find there’s no shortage of eateries and boutique shops if you fancy treating yourself to the finer things in life. And if you want to get away from the hustle and bustle, you’re only a few stops away from the coast or the mountains. 


North Vancouver: Upper Lonsdale

Next up we have a close neighbor of our last entry, and one that’s sure to catch your eye for all the right reasons. The area is largely suburban with plenty of different options in terms of housing and accommodation. You’re that bit further away from the center of the city that you don’t have to resign yourself to nothing but apartment blocks and complexes. If you’re looking for a great combination of a bit of extra space and your own private entrance, plus easy access to the rest of the city, this could be it for you. 

One of the things Upper Lonsdale is chiefly known for is its stunning views that stretch for miles and miles if you make it to the right spot at the right time of day. Watching sunrise and sunset could quickly become part of your daily routine if you want to relax and get back in touch with nature. A great idea for those of you looking to address your work-life balance by taking in a new location at your leisure. 

The final thing to say about this great little area is it offers some of the very best access to the iconic North Shore. If you want to hike, ride or just get back in touch with the natural world, having this type of world renowned setting on your doorstep is sure to make you smile. 


North Vancouver: Keith Lynn

This is a neighborhood that has enjoyed heavy investment and an influx of new ideas and businesses over the last couple of years. By giving the area a welcome lift, it’s also allowed it to become a cosmopolitan area that’s still retained strong links to its past. Great for those looking to get in touch with the local culture and history while also enjoying all the mod cons and finishing touches. 

Walkability is something Keith Lynn always scores very highly on, which may not sound like the biggest selling point in the world at first. The key point here is that with a walkable neighborhood, you can get to know your neighbors, enjoy the local area and feel that sense of community that’s so often missing these days. 


North Vancouver: Lynn Valley

Lynn Valley is a beautiful suburban neighbourhood that isn’t just home to the eye-catching Lynn Canyon Suspension Bridge. Although, that’s something everyone visiting or staying for longer should visit at least once! This free alternative to the Capilano Suspension Bridge is striking for the way it fits in with its surroundings and provides a dramatic focal point. When you add in the wildlife and views the area has to offer, it’s not hard to see why it’s one of the must-visit corners of the city that everyone will want to pay attention to. 

There’s more hiking routes than you’ll be able to get through in a lifetime, as well as an ecology center that’s sure to provide a great day out. Tours and guest talks allow anyone who is interested to learn more about the work that’s going on to protect the local wildlife we all take for granted at times. 


North Vancouver: Lynnmour

If you’re someone who wants to take in student life without feeling like you’re living right in the middle of a constant campus party, this could be the perfect spot for you. The university bookstore is a great place to go for professionals and students alike and offers a nice place to sit and reflect. You’ll also find a wide range of different living options, cafes and awe-inspiring views at sunset. 


North Vancouver: Mount Seymour

This entry may not be a residential area but it’s a nice little recreational area with a ski hill that’s always worth a visit. Not only that, but because it’s one of the go-to destinations for the locals on the weekends, you’re sure to meet someone you know there if you go often enough. Ideal when you want to get a feel for the sense of community that makes North Vancouver a city unlike any other. 


North Vancouver: Deep Cove

Last but not least we come to a corner of the city that has a name that’s sure to stand out. Deep Cove is a scenic cove with lovely homes and cottages as well as some newer low-rise condos that line the water of this frequently visited area. As well as canoeing and kayaking on the water, you’ll find a whole host of stunning hiking trails that you can enjoy over and over again. Ideal if you want to keep fit while getting back in touch with nature the right way. And because you always deserve a treat, take a look at Honey Donuts if you’re ready to satisfy your craving for something sweet. Their freshly baked donuts are something you have to try to believe and will leave you trying to find an excuse to come back tomorrow. 


North Vancouver: Pemberton Heights

This is a spot that has to be right at the top of the list for anyone looking for a wholesome, family friendly place to base themselves. You’ll find a wide range of living options, each of them set in friendly and welcoming neighbourhoods where you’ll feel more than comfortable speaking to your neighbours and asking for directions. Ideal if you want to take in the world of city living from a friendly vantage point that also allows you to enjoy your own space. 

Transport is clean, safe and always punctual, giving you an easy and reliable way to get into the main parts of the city for work, leisure and major events. This is great for those looking to get to know the nightlife, sporting calendar and the rest that makes North Vancouver a city everyone has to get to know at some point in their lives. 


North Vancouver: Delbrook

Nearby you have the attractive area of Delbrook and its walkable layout that’s sure to make you feel right at home. The neighborhood has received a continual stream of external investment in recent years, leading to reliable public transport and safe streets that are the envy of many major cities throughout the nation. 

The real selling point for Delbrook has to be the sense of community that exists there. While you’ll find the same old major chains that are on every block these days, you’ll still find family businesses where people know you by name after just a couple of visits. This is a really nice contrast with some of the more high-rise dominated areas of the city where you can feel like one in a massive crowd at times. Take a look, take your time to get to know the area and then decide where you want to base yourself. 


North Vancouver: Forest Hills

With a name like this you’re expecting a homely vibe as a result of great views and little splashes of greenery; luckily, that’s exactly what you get. Forest Hills is one of those quaint little corners of the city that don’t grab the headlines simply because they aren’t needed. What you’ll encounter here is a relaxed and friendly atmosphere in which nothing is too much trouble and everyone is pulling in the same direction. 

Nowhere is this seen better than with the immaculate greenery the locals take pride in. If you’re someone who really values things like mindfulness and is constantly looking to realign your work-life balance, you’ll find Forest Hills is exactly your kind of place. And if you’re someone who prefers the hustle and bustle in more densely populated parts of the city, base yourself there and pay this little area a visit when the mood takes you. Ideal when you want to really see why North Vancouver is one of those rare cities that really does have it all. 


North Vancouver: Edgemont Village

Affluence and statement properties are on the menu in Edgemont village from the moment you arrive, and for good reason. This is one of the little corners of North Vancouver where no expense has been spared and everyone goes the extra mile with little things like public spaces and home exteriors. While every area of North Vancouver has its own charm and sense of community, everyone really buys into it here. Edgemont Village has developed quite a bit in recent years and there are great shops, restaurants, and supermarkets concentrated in the core village, while the housing surrounding it is suburban and flanked by the beautiful North Shore mountains. It’s convenient, yet private.  

That said, there’s more to North Vancouver than just stunning little pockets like this; there’s an entire city to see! That’s why it’s great that places like Edgemont Village have such accessible infrastructure and well thought out transport connections. This allows you to base yourself in one of the prettiest, quietest parts of the city while also being able to dive into the action and join the crowd with minimum effort. Give some thought as to where the perfect balance lies for you and your family and you’re sure to enjoy the end result like nothing else. 


North Vancouver: Capilano Highlands

If you’re looking for an iconic view, look no further than the Capilano Suspension Bridge and the way it catches the sunlight twice a day. Sunrise and sunset offer incredible views that are sure to stay with you for years to come, and all because you took a chance and got yourself to a location that’s unlike anything else in the city. 

Once you’ve seen the sight everyone in the area talks about at this time of day, it’s over to you to walk the neighborhood and get a real sense of the community. Fresh produce, plenty of eateries and the occasional cafe all make Capilano Highlands one of the best spots in the whole of North Vancouver. High praise indeed considering how many great hotspots we’ve already covered in this two-part series! But wait, there’s a couple more we haven’t even had the chance to tell you about yet folks…


North Vancouver: Canyon Heights

As the name suggests there’s some stunning sights here that are ready and waiting for you to enjoy them. The decision to make here is whether or not you want to have to make the trip out of your way to go and see them, or you want to base yourself here so you can enjoy them on your doorstep. If you think this is a mighty tough decision, trust us, you’re not alone! 

We get asked all the time about the best place to base ourselves and our answer is always the same: somewhere you feel comfortable from the moment you arrive. Because of the friendly, community-focused atmosphere and the proximity to nature. Canyon Heights is a great option for many.


North Vancouver: Grousewoods

Last but certainly not least, we have one of the best outdoor spots that marks the transition between North Vancouver the city and North Vancouver the natural setting. 

On the northern end of Grousewoods you’ll find the base of Grouse Mountain and the start of the Grouse Grind Hike. Grouse Mountain is a great sight to take in, and one that’s even better if you can find the lung power to get yourself all the way to the summit. It’s about 1-2 hours straight up depending on your fitness level and the exact path you take, but make sure to ask around first before attempting it to see if it’s right for you!   

Grousewoods is a lovely suburban neighbourhood and is ideal for anyone looking for a place to live on nature’s doorstep. You’ll be able to escape the crowds and move beyond the hustle and bustle, all while enjoying sights and sounds that you simply cannot put a price on. 


Final Thoughts

Now you know a little more about the sights of North Vancouver, it’s over to you to take your pick of where you want to base yourself. And if you need a helping hand, you know we have a continually growing inventory of options to find an accommodation in North Vancouver.

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