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Jun 02, 2022
Welcome to Vancouver: Exploring The Sights Of New Westminster

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New Westminster is one of those hip and happening parts of Vancouver that’s gone under the radar for far too long. The way in which the classic buildings and land prices have been undervalued has made it a prime area for investment, and investment is what this part of the city has seen plenty of in recent years. Before we knew it, New Westminster had turned into one of the most sought after locations, and for good reason. To help you see what we’re talking about, we want to introduce you to five of the most desirable parts of the city. Take a look, see what you think and then get in touch if you want a helping hand securing the perfect accommodation for you and your loved ones. 


New Westminster: River District

If boutique shops and contemporary apartment style living are what you’re looking for, you’re not going to be disappointed. River District offers a stunning array of waterside living options, all mixed in with easy access to shops, eateries and bars that are right on your doorstep. New developments are taking shape at time of writing, giving the area an eclectic and slightly frenetic feel that’s perfect for those who love to be in the heart of the action. And that’s before we even mention the vibrant mix of cultures you’ll find down at street level…

People come from all over the city to share their cultural heritage, whether it be through food or music, which gives River District a character and charm all of its own. The end result is a vibrant neighbourhood that’s great to live in, great to visit and great to have as part of the wider city. You also get a real sense of what the place used to be thanks to the charm of the river. It’s the hub that brings the whole of the community together and it’s the backdrop that you’ll never grow tired of seeing life set against. All you have to do now is see if any of the other entries on our list can top it! 


New Westminster: Uptown

This is the place to be when you want the ideal blend of elegant high-rise apartments, stunning beaches, and on-trend stores that are ready and waiting for you to treat yourself. Uptown is the perfect location for young couples and professionals who want to be right at the very heart of the action, without necessarily having to pay the premium you would expect comes with such a sought after location.

The area has seen heavy investment over the last 10 years, resulting in some of the lowest crime rates and best healthcare provision in the city. Add to this the new developments, and the habit boutique brands have of popping up right throughout the year, and you have the perfect place to base yourself. You will also find that there’s ample public transport options if you need to get to work in a different part of the city, want to visit some friends, or you just feel like heading off on an adventure in a random direction! 


New Westminster: Brewery District

With more than 40 craft breweries and counting, the Brewery District is a part of New Westminster that very much does its name justice. The stunning combination of open spaces and old style buildings has made this the go-to destination for brands and businesses looking for something different. Gone are the glass-fronted corporate buildings you’ll find in the business districts, and in are the old style buildings repurposed for dozens of hip new brands. 

While a lot of the real estate here is occupied by businesses and outlets, it’s still a great place to visit if you want to take a look at something new. Many of the breweries offer tasting sessions, tours and behind the scenes access if you’re happy to pay a little extra. This makes for a great day out, as well as a great surprise trip for the craft beer lover you know who thinks they’ve seen and done it all. 

Another idea well worth considering would be taking a walking tour of the neighbourhood. Whether you’re based there or not, it’s a great way to get to know your surroundings and dive a little deeper into the rich cultural history of this part of New Westminster. You never know, you might just learn about some of the weird and wonderful uses the old buildings that now brew beer were originally built for. Just a thought! 


New Westminster: Sapperton

When you want rich history, beautiful old buildings, and some hip and happening locations that bring people together, Sapperton is definitely the place to be. It’s one of those spaces that has something new and exciting around every corner, and yet it retains the timeless charm that makes it a place unlike any other. While it’s hard to put your finger on how this happens, it’s safe to say that you’re going to feel right at home the moment you start to explore Sapperton

The level of investment in healthcare, policing and public transport in the last 10 years has turned Sapperton into one of the cleanest, safest and well-served parts of the city. Not only will it invite you in with open arms, you’ll feel like you can approach anyone for directions or a recommendation on where to eat. Ideal if you want to feel relaxed and at ease that’s often not possible in a hectic urban environment. Add this to the proximity to the rest of Vancouver, and the sights this offers, and you have a stunning option when you’re thinking of where to base yourself for the next few weeks. 


New Westminster: Queens Park

This beautiful floral park is very much the jewel in the crown and the must-visit destination that New Westminster is known for, far and wide. The beautifully kept lawns and rolling beds of flowers help you rest and relax in a truly natural way. The colours, scents and sounds that enliven your senses are sure to have you coming back for more, over and over again. And if you add in the wide selection of snack and refreshment options for those looking to enjoy a little alfresco time, it’s sure to be the destination you visit more than once in the next couple of months. Whether you look for accommodation right on the doorstep, or you’re happy to travel, you’ll be delighted by the sight of Queens Park every time you stop by. 


Final thoughts

We’ve loved guiding you through the sights and sounds of New Westminster and can’t wait to hear what you make of it. Now that you’ve heard everything we have to say on the matter, it’s over to you to take your pick and decide where you want to lay your head. One thing is for sure; we’ll be right here, ready and waiting, helping you to find your accommodation

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