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Aug 17, 2023
Famous Food in Vancouver: Must-Try Dishes

Vancouver dining and food scene

Vancouver’s culinary landscape is as diverse as it is delicious, with a unique fusion of flavors reflecting the city’s cultural diversity. Fresh, locally-sourced ingredients take center stage in a citywide menu that ranges from the freshest seafood to uniquely Vancouver fusions. This article will guide you through some must-try dishes that have put Vancouver on the global gastronomic map. If you’re hungry to understand this city, here’s a hint – follow the scent of grilled salmon, the crunch of poutine, and the umami of sushi rolls. Spoiler alert: your taste buds are about to go on a real adventure!

Vancouver’s Seafood

Let’s talk about Vancouver’s seafood – after all, you can’t be in Vancouver and not dive into the ocean’s bounty. The local salmon varieties are not to be missed. Grilled, smoked, or served raw as sushi, it’s a seafood lover’s dream. And then, there’s the quintessential spot prawns – tender, sweet, and packed with flavor. The beauty of seafood in Vancouver? You can savour these delights at a beachside shack, a high-end sushi restaurant, or a bustling seafood market.

Poutine – A Canadian Staple

Poutine may have its roots in Quebec, but it’s become a nationwide favourite, and Vancouver is no exception. Who can resist crispy fries, slathered in rich gravy, and generously topped with squeaky cheese curds? Though many spots in the city serve up their own version of this comfort-food classic, few can dispute that Vancouver’s poutine rivals even the original. Whether you’re a poutine purist or prefer variations topped with smoked meat or lobster, there’s a plate of this carb-fest with your name on it in Vancouver.

Japadog – Vancouver’s Street Food Star

Let’s switch lanes to something quite extraordinary – the Japadog. This is no ordinary hotdog, folks. It’s Vancouver’s unique East-meets-West culinary mashup. Japadog takes a humble hot dog and adds a Japanese twist with toppings like teriyaki sauce, seaweed, and bonito flakes. The result? A street food star that’s turned locals and tourists into die-hard fans. Remember, if there’s a long line at the Japadog stand, it’s not just a hot dog; it’s a Vancouver institution.

Sushi: Vancouver’s Love Affair with Japanese Cuisine

Vancouver has a bit of a crush on sushi. Scratch that – it’s a full-blown love affair. From traditional nigiri to innovative fusion rolls, there’s something for every sushi lover in this city. A particular local favourite is the BC roll, a delightful creation featuring barbecued salmon skin and cucumber. So if you’re in Vancouver and sushi is your thing, the city’s Japanese restaurants will make your heart skip a beat (and your tastebuds do a happy dance).

Dim Sum in Vancouver’s Chinatown

A trip to Vancouver’s Chinatown would be incomplete without indulging in dim sum. These bite-sized treasures are a hallmark of Cantonese cuisine, and in Vancouver, they’re nothing short of a culinary event. From traditional steamed dumplings to exotic fare like chicken feet, the variety of dim sum dishes is enough to make your head spin. So gather your friends, grab a pot of tea, and get ready to eat your way through the best dim sum offerings in town.

West Coast Style Pizza

Pizza may not be the first thing that comes to mind when you think of Vancouver, but trust us on this – the city’s West Coast style pizza is a delicious surprise. Known for its ultra-thin crust and creative toppings, West Coast pizza pays homage to Vancouver’s emphasis on fresh, local, and sustainable ingredients. Whether it’s a pie topped with local seafood, organic veggies, or even vegan cheese, there’s a slice for everyone in Vancouver.

Local Bakeries and Vancouver’s Famous Pastries

One might say that Vancouver runs on baked goods – the aroma of fresh bread, buttery croissants, and sweet pastries wafts through the city streets from the many local bakeries. Pastry enthusiasts should make a beeline for the city’s iconic croissants and danishes, which combine European baking traditions with the unique influences of Vancouver’s diverse food scene. It’s a joy for the senses and a testament to the city’s love for comforting, delectable baked goods.

Plant-Based and Vegan Food in Vancouver

Vancouver is a city that cares about health, sustainability, and the environment, which is why it’s no surprise that the plant-based and vegan food scene here is thriving. From gourmet vegan restaurants serving up creative, flavourful dishes to casual joints offering plant-based alternatives to fast-food classics, there’s a wealth of options for those choosing to eat green. It’s not just about salads – think hearty grain bowls, inventive tofu dishes, and even dairy-free ice cream. Vancouver proves that plant-based food can be diverse, delicious, and satisfying.

Vancouver Food Trucks

The food truck culture in Vancouver is vibrant, diverse, and exciting. These mobile eateries serve up a smorgasbord of street food, from fusion tacos and gourmet grilled cheese sandwiches to Belgian waffles and artisan ice cream. The food truck scene encapsulates the city’s innovative and adventurous spirit when it comes to food. A city on the go needs its food to-go, and Vancouver’s food trucks are more than up to the task, providing quick, delicious, and creative options for foodies on the move.


From sushi to dim sum, and from food trucks to vegan delicacies, Vancouver’s food scene is as diverse and dynamic as the city itself. It’s a city where international culinary traditions meet the freshness of local produce, resulting in a food culture that’s distinctly Vancouver. If you’re a food lover seeking to explore the city, be prepared to be thrilled by the unique gastronomic experiences Vancouver has to offer. You won’t just be tasting the best of the city’s cuisine; you’ll be taking a bite out of its culture and history too. So, pack your appetite and get ready to embark on an unforgettable culinary journey through Vancouver.

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